Hand of Istus

The Hand of Istus is an organization dedicated to Istus the goddess of fate. It is not very well known, but those who have heard of it associate it with do-gooding adventurers.

The Hand’s goals are not alway clear, but it looks to do “what is necessary,” and “what is next,” according to fate’s plan. Critics of the group claim that fate’s plan isn’t clear, and that the Hand elders are using the Hand to further their own goals, but by and large members of the Istan faith trust the Hand, and those outsiders who have actually met Hand members usually find them trustworthy and honest.

The PCs are members of the Lanceport chapter of the Hand of Istus.

Lanceport Chapter

The Hand of Istus chapterhouse in Lanceport is not a large complex. It’s surrounded by a stone wall that serves to make the complex private, but would not be hard to scale. Above the gates of the chapterhouse is an image of a white dog, sitting straight up at attention as if guarding something.

Inside the walls is a courtyard with grass and a few apple trees. Hand initiates sometimes sit in the yard to study or meditate. The courtyard is kept very clean and tidy. Fallen apples are gathered immediately and used to make cider. The Hand chapter has become known in Lanceport for its cider, which it gives out in small quantities to nearby inns and taverns in exchange for a small donation.

The buildings are simple and made of stone. Images of the white dog are frequent. There is a small dog statue guarding most doorways. The common building contains a hall where the members take meals, a kitchen, some storage. The Elder apartments and offices are upstairs.

There is a dormitory for initiates and children of the Hand (orphans left to be brought up by the church). Full Hand members have their own rooms, but they are small. Hand members are encouraged not to covet wealth or material possessions, so the rooms are often very bare, but there are no actual rules about what a Hand member can keep.

The Hand complex is located in the Silverhill District, which houses a lot of public buildings, churches, and parks.

Hand of Istus

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