Greyhome is the ancestral home of House Grey located on the western banks of the Chimera River. It is a medium-sized city, a hub of trade for the region. It’s known for being very rich, but also very strict. It’s not a pleasant place to live for the downtrodden – the city guard do not take kindly to beggars or other street scum. For that reason, it appears very clean and quiet – the peasantry keep to themselves and out of sight.

There is no Hand of Istus chapterhouse in Greyhome, but Istus has a large shrine in the Pelorian Pantheon church.

Greyhome has a large smith’s district. Many of the region’s best iron and steelwork comes from this city. The iron is imported down from the Grey Mountains, usually shipped via the Chimera River.

Bastille of the Bear

On the eastern bank of the river is a medium-sized fortress known as the Bastille of the Bear. It does double duty as guardian for the bridge that crosses the Chimera into Greyhome, and as a prison. There are frequently prisoners hanging out front in gibbets.

The gates of the Bastille are stylized to look like an open bear’s maw. For one to enter the city from the east it looks as if they are walking into the jaws of a giant bear.

Black Rock

At the highest part of the city is a castle called Black Rock. It is the home of the Greys, defensible and luxurious. Its towers house many gargoyles, many that have features resembling black bears. Chains are also a common motif.

Inside of Black Rock, the colors gray and black are the most common, with occasional splashes of vibrant color, usually showing off some rich piece of artwork.


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