Bassham is north of Lanceport and Elmure. The PCs were sent here to report to Elder Christoff after scouting the three Xia ruins.

Bassham is about 2/3 the size of Lanceport. Its population is mostly human with a small elven quarter. It is an agrarian city, exporting grain and livestock. Its claim to fame is that it’s the home of the largest cathedral of the Pelorian Pantheon. Many followers of that pantheon make pilgrimages to Bassham to see the cathedral.

The cathedral is called the Citadel of the Rising Sun.

There are many pilgrims who have decided to settle in the city, and a wall was going up the last time the PCs were here.

NPCs in Bassham

Elder Christoff, who has been replaced with the demon Akanon. No one seems to notice that Elder Christoff’s appearance has changed except the PCs.

Shoshanna, the elven sorceress who lives in a giant oak tree tower in the elven district.


Elven Quarter

This district is mostly populated by elves and some half-elves who have chosen to live an elven lifestyle. The buildings appear very organic, lots of wood and vine-covered walls. In the center of this district is a gigantic oak tree that is alive and thriving, but also appears to be a building – it has doors and windows. The elven population keeps mostly to this district, and it’s very rare to see other races in this quarter.

Church Quarter

This district houses the Citadel of the Rising Sun, the Hand of Istus chapterhouse, and other religious buildings, along with the homes of those who serve the church. It looks very well kept, and is obviously the richest quarter.

Pilgrim’s Sprawl

This is the name for the homes that are going up outside the city walls – pilgrims who have come to Bassham and decided to stay. It’s the poorest district in the city.

Market Quarter

This is where the merchants work and live and farmers come to sell their wares. It’s a middle-class quarter. There are also a number of inns in this district.


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