The center of this small city is a gigantic dead oak tree that is scorched black and split down the middle, as if it was struck by lightning. It is a very orderly city. The streets are clean and well-kept. The buildings are always freshly painted. There don’t appear to be any beggars or downtrodden. However something appears to be off. The people move about carefully and watch what they say. They have nothing but good things to say about the town, but at the same time they’re leery of talking to strangers.

Oakburn is a small center of trade. Trading ships often stop on their way to richer ports north and south. They do not do much actual business in Oakburn because it has little access to other regions and produces little but food. It’s only a place to stop and resupply for the traders. At one time Oakburn was a destination for iron coming down from the mountains via the Ironway River, but that mine has dried up.

The mayor of the city is Helena Clarke, who runs the city’s only inn, The Bronze Queen, with her son, Raymond. The Queen’s sign is that of a stylized queen’s crown in bronze. The inn is very well decorated for an inn in a city its size, and many of the decorations feature bronze. The city has a lot of bronze decorations as well.

Justice in the city tends to be very strict. There is a large book of laws in the guardhouse, and while the laws seem to be fair, they are extremely complex, laying out every exception and possible detail. The book has no mention of jury or judge or how one is found guilty, only laws and punishments, and nearly all of the punishments are death.

There are many guards in the city, and they appear to be very diligent. They wear bronze medallions with the symbol of the city, the split oak tree.

The PCs, while investigating the town’s odd nature, managed to convince Raymond to show them where Mayor Clarke has disappeared to one morning. He brought them to a beach, and pointed out an island off the coast.

Also during their investigation, they heard mention of a queen, though Haydon has no such ruler. (Haydon is a republic.) Whenever they ask the locals about a queen, they are pointed to The Bronze Queen (the inn), or the person doesn’t seem to know what they are talking about.


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