The San

There are three legendary Xia artifacts that scholars have discovered in what little Xia writing can be translated. They are referred to as “San”, which seems to literally translate to “Three”.

The sword the PCs found in one of the ruins between Lanceport and Bassham is one of the San.

The three items have simple names, literally “I Strike”, “I Defend”, and “I Bind”.

With help from Shoshanna and a cryptic note written apparently by Kail in his sleep, the PCs believe that the other two items are located in a Xia ruin in the mountains to the west of the Grey Lands and on an island to the far north of Bassham.

They have recovered the shield, “I Defend”. Next, they plan on recovering “I Bind”, which Akanon has told them is a ring.

Akanon has told the PCs that he is not sure of their abilities, because they change to suit the wielder.

Akanon has told them that the three items must not be united. They contain one soul of a Xia soldier, split in three, and it will burn out the soul of whoever wields the items. He has also told them that he believes The San seek to bring about the apocalypse, not to prevent it.

The San

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