Albion – The continent where the campaign takes place.


Grey Lands
Dormoor – Nation far to the north, beyond the Blackwood.


Lanceport – Large city on the southeast coast. Home to the PCs’ Hand of Istus chapter. A hub of trade and travel.

Bassham – Medium-sized agrarian city, north of Lanceport. Popular destination for pilgrims because of the Citadel of the Rising Sun. Has a significant elven population.

Greyhome – Seat of House Grey. Located on the Chimera River.

Tror’s Landing – Port city located where the Chimera River meets the ocean. Known to be the landing place of the ancestor of House Grey.

Oakburn – Small city/large town in the northern reaches of Haydon. Named for the lightning-struck oak in the center of the city.

Villages and Hamlets

Elmure – Village between Lanceport and Bassham where the wolf attacks took place that started the campaign.

Robinwick – Tiny Hamlet near Elmure that was turned into zombies.

Summermead – Hamlet being built near Bassham that had been harassed by orcs.

Linness – Fortress village east of Ayden’s Pass.

Ayden – Fortress village west of Ayden’s Pass.


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