Akanon's Journal

This paired journal was used at one time by Elder Moses and Elder Christoff. Elder Moses gave his copy to the PCs. While flipping through the book, Daigu recognized that the handwriting of Elder Christoff changed at one point. Elder Moses did not acknowledge the change. The two were apparently playing chess, and the game continued past the change in handwriting.

The PCs have still have a copy of the book, and have been using it to communicate with “Elder Christoff” who appears to have been taken over by the demon Akanon.

The text in the book includes the following.

Daigu: Who are you?

Akanon: What do you mean? I am Elder Christoff. Who are you? Is this the party I sent to investigate the ruins?

[DM Note: I think there was more here, but I didn’t write it down. Sorry!]

Akanon: Did you think I wouldn’t notice the sword was missing?

Kail: Eat shit and die.

Akanon: I have seen how you die.

Kail: Fate changes.

Akanon: Does it? You will die alone in darkness, and I will not have to lift a finger.

Kail: My death will make me a spirit of vengeance. I will come and find you and I will kill you.

Akanon: Vengeance, eh? Then your soul will have to hunt another, for the cause of your death will not be me.

(There is a sketched map of what looks like the Grey Mountains with a curved dotted path leading to an X at one point.)

The halfblood is here. If you take the long way through the mountains, a small group such as yours should be able to pass behind the largest part of the army and take him unawares. He only has a minor personal guard. The savages fear him, and are inspired by him. He combines strength with cunning. None of them would dare to challenge his power, now. He will take the Grey Lands in three months’ time if he is not stopped.

If you are done with your petty posturing and your empty threats, you may want to go deal with that. Put that sword to good use.

[The PCs went off and killed the orc leader, following Akanon’s instructions.]

Akanon: Very good. Did you know the halfblood was brought up on a farm in the Grey Lands, beaten and ridiculed for his orc blood? I think that’s what made him so fierce. I don’t think he so much wanted to give the orcs anything good, as he wanted to bring pain and death down upon the people who scorned him growing up. Well, whatever his reasons, he was certainly dangerous.

I know you have the second artifact. You do not understand what you have, there. Did any of you try to wield both of them at the same time? Did you feel it? I am the only one alive that can tell you what they are, and why you must not find the third.

I dare not put it in writing. If you want to know, we must meet in person. I will let you name the place and the time. We both know that while you carry the artifacts you are immune to my charms. Pick someplace public where we can chat. I pledge that no harm will come to you.

Think carefully before you reject this offer. You have been useful to me. I would hate to see such useful tools broken because they are playing with the wrong toys. You will only harm yourself if you do not know the truth.

Kail: As we are here spending time with Tror’s family here in Ayden, you can meet us here.

Akanon: As you wish.

[Akanon appeared to them the next morning.]

Talia: By the way, what’s with the birds?

Akanon: They are the first sign of the apocalypse, of course. They have fled.

Akanon's Journal

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