Seeker Locket

Locked designed to find origins of energies


This locket is about the shape and size of a pocket watch. It appears to be made of tarnished silver and bears an etched image of a compass needle. The necklace of the locket is a simple piece of leather string.


The locket was designed to find the source of a magical emanation or energy. The user takes a piece of something associated with the energy (like a bit of dirt, a lock of hair, a drop of water or blood) and places it inside the locket. If the locket can trace the energy, it becomes warm to the touch. The user then holds the locket dangling by its string and lets it swing. It will lean in the direction of the energy’s source. The more drastic the angle, the closer the source. The locket will only indicate a direction when it is held by a living being – leaving it hanging from a tree or sitting on a table will have no effect.

After using the amulet in this way, the matter placed inside the locket is consumed. Items placed inside the locket that have no strong association with some energy have no effect, and are not consumed.

The locket will only seek an energy source until the origin is reached, or a year and a day since the matter was placed inside. The locket remains warm for as long as it is seeking.

Opening the locket before the origin is found will stop the locket from seeking and consume the matter inside.

The locket grants no benefit to its wearer.

The PCs were given this locket by the Hand of Istus elder when they were sent to investigate the attacks in Elmure. They used it on a demonic wolf to track its energy back to the Xia temple near Robinwick where the demon, Amriel, was imprisoned.

They experimented on it with rose petals and a lizardfolk scale to find that it can also be used to track a living creature using some part of that creature.

Seeker Locket

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