Magic Xia sword, one of the San

weapon (melee)

Longsword +1, additional +2 against aberrations

It may have other powers. At least once before it has freed the PCs from the mental influence of the demon Akanon. It has also granted them the ability to read certain Xia texts.


The PCs found this sword in one of the Xia ruins between Lanceport and Bassham. It is covered in Xia runes along its length, the cross-guard is designed to look like shooting stars, and the pommel is shaped like a sun, colored blood red.

The PCs were told by Shoshanna that this sword is one of three Xia artifacts known as The San. She pointed out he sword’s name, written on its blade in Xia, and said it translated to “I Strike”. The symbols are:

While the sword was in Kail’s possession, they found a note in Kail’s quarters, apparently written in his handwriting, that said:

i am three and one
here am i
and there
and there
in the rock
in the sky
in the sea
i strike
i defend
i bind

have me and find me and find me
all of me
and AKANON will fall

ready i stand
when the sun bleeds
when the sky falls
when the sky falls

when the sky falls


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